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Antibiotic Compliance Program


Kids Antibiotic Compliance Sheets are now available with any prescribed children’s antibiotic.

The compliance sheet will allow kids to track their own antibiotic intake properly to ensure they are finishing all of their medication. When the antibiotic is finished and the sheet is completed they can bring it into Wear Drug for a special treat!


How Does it Work?

Has your child been prescribed an antibiotic, but you have a hard time getting them to take their medicine? We have a new program to encourage kids to use all of their antibiotic properly. It works just like this:

Step One: Take your child’s prescription to Wear Drug, in order to be eligible for the Compliance Program.

(Ages 2 to 12 years old)

Step Two: When you pick up the prescription, you will also receive a compliance sheet with stickers.

Step Three: Follow the directions on the prescription and take for the amount of days recommended by the doctor. For each day that your child takes the antibiotic, they will place a sticker on that day to keep a record.

Step Four: Once all of the antibiotics are gone and the compliance sheet is full of stickers for the correct prescribed amount of days, they can return to Wear Drug to receive a treat for their compliance.

The program is intended to benefit parents by making kids more excited about taking their medications as well as the kids by minimizing antibiotic resistance. For more information on our kids compliance program, please contact our pharmacy.

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